Our strategy


To be the top provider of technological services and engineering solutions in selected energy and industrial plants.


To provide professional services and effective innovative solutions for optimizing technical and economic parameters of industry assets of customers.



Our basic priority is the creation of values.

Excellence – Promptness – Customer-Driven Approach

We define and solve challenging tasks. While solving these tasks we aim at finding an optimal solution and we always achieve absolute client′s satisfaction.

Promptness while adhering to the principles of safety and correct approach is perceived as a competitive advantage having a significant benefit.

We always aim at the customer-driven approach – we refuse bureaucracy and all its symptoms.

Trust and motivation – Responsibility – Conduct

We trust our employees and delegate powers to them. We support communication among all departments and across all levels as well. We accept good ideas regardless of their source. We find enough energy in ourselves to motivate and support others.

We fully accept our personal responsibilities for achieving results and our commitments resulting from trust given to us.

We always act in a professional and correct manner, externally as well as internally, in the spirit of decent conduct principles. Externally, we always act in a uniform manner in accordance with our strategy and shared principles.


We support changes. Changes are not a cause of worries for us and we do not perceive changes as a threat but as an opportunity for further development.

Capital Projects

Comprehensive projects, delivery and management of subcontracts for the building and engineering units in the area of industrial automation electrical systems - heavy current and light current equipment and technical building operation.

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Power Production Optimization

Delivery of comprehensive solutions for automated control and optimisation of technological processes and asset management.

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Maintenance services in the area of automated control system for technological processes and electrical equipment for industrial application, maintenance of systems for technical protection of buildings, measuring of emissions and metrology services.

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