Power Production Optimization

I&C Energo is a leading supplier of complex solutions for technological process control and optimization and for asset management – from analysis and design elaboration, through development, production, system integration, implementation or commissioning, to servicing, optimization, upgrading and modernization. Thus our services and supplies embrace the entire life cycle of software, equipment, or systems according to characteristics of the quoted solution.

Our customers are mainly power plants (nuclear, coal-fired, combined cycle), heating plants and heat supply systems, renewable energy sources, and industry in general.

In the technological process control, we mainly focus on:

  • Process automation and optimization
  • Mathematical and physical process analyses
  • Performance monitoring and energy balances

In the asset management, we focus on:

  • Equipment ageing management
  • Maintenance management
  • Diagnostics and reliability
  • Document management

Our services and supplies cover a wide range of activities, from engineering activities:

  • Process and technological analyses
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Advanced data processing

through partial deliveries, software and hardware integration and consolidation, to complex deliveries of:

  • Software solutions
  • Data warehouses and SCADA systems
  • Diagnostics and optimization systems
  • Management information systems
  • Process information systems
  • Special instrumentation
  • Control systems

In our work we apply the knowledge of equipment, technological processes and business processes of our customers in combination with sophisticated analyses, advanced data processing, possibly simulation model development, and software engineering.

In order to implement our services and supplies, we have developed a number of methods and tools and acquired advanced technologies and third party tools. In the scope of our deliveries, we co-operate with Czech and foreign leading producers and suppliers of software, equipment or systems, suppliers of engineering services as well as technical universities and other research institutes. We deliver extensive and comprehensive solutions with a high engineering added value based on the long-term and systematic technical development.



LTO Suite

  • Comprehensive information system for the support of management of extensive technological systems ageing (Long Term Operation). LTO Suite provides tools for storage, administration and in particular evaluation of operating and diagnostic data related to specific types of equipment.


  • Information system for operational and technical documentation management and preparation that automatically maintains the relationship (consistent relationship) between the objects referenced in the documents and their presentation in the primary data sources.

ARS (Active Reporting System)

  • An Intranet reporting application (creation, management, and viewing of data reports), editing, comparison and synchronization of data from different data sources in the form of tables and graphics with the possibility of integration into any Intranet solution. The application of ARS increases the availability of information for all levels of company management.


  • A platform for the simulation of dynamic systems and the creation of engineering simulators.

Boron Meter

  • Equipment for Measuring of the Boron Concentration – Measuring system consisting of instruments and other components intended for boron isotope 10B and boric acid Н3ВО3 concentration measurement in the nuclear power plant technology.


  • A set of methods, instrumentation and software tools designed to optimize solid fuel combustion boilers (their economic and environmental parameters).


  • A set of interconnected methods, procedures and software tools for the monitoring, evaluation, control, diagnosis, and optimization of operations (thermal cycling) of power plants and heating plants.


  • Power transformer monitoring system for the transformer life-time management and for increasing transformer safety and reliability. System implementation reduces the risk of transformer failure and related direct and indirect damages.

Capital Projects

Comprehensive projects, delivery and management of subcontracts for the building and engineering units in the area of industrial automation electrical systems - heavy current and light current equipment and technical building operation.

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Power Production Optimization

Delivery of comprehensive solutions for automated control and optimisation of technological processes and asset management.

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Maintenance services in the area of automated control system for technological processes and electrical equipment for industrial application, maintenance of systems for technical protection of buildings, measuring of emissions and metrology services.

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