Quality Management

Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management System

In 2008 I&C Energo a.s. established an Integrated Management System (ISM), which integrates the Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Health and Safety Management System.

The Integrated Management System was successfully examined by a recertification audit in 2008 carried out by Bureau Veritas Certification Czech Republic, s.r.o., an internationally recognised certification organisation.

The Integrated Management System is developed, maintained and improved on the basis of company strategic decisions and in connection with the changing needs, objectives, provided products, defined processes and changes of the company organisational structure.

The basic principles of the Integrated Management System are specified by the I&C Energo Integrated Management System Policy introduced by the company′s management according to the organization′s Strategy.

Quality Management System (QMS)

I&C Energo is a certified company according to ISO 9001:2015 (based on an audit carried out in February 2009). The Quality Management System was already established in the company in 1999 following the standards of ISO 9000 series. It is based on legislative requirements and respects customer needs.

The system is examined by customer audits on a regular basis. The quality of the I&C Energo QMS is declared to customers through the main processes of the company management system – Capital Projects, Service and Power Production Optimization and Engineering.

Quality assurance is a part of I&C Energo Integrated Management System Policy.

Environmental Management System (EMS) – Environmental protection

Environmental protection is an inherent company priority. The evidence is a thorough fulfilment of the Environmental Management System (EMS) requirements certified according to ISO 14001:2015 by Bureau Veritas Certification Czech Republic, s.r.o. In 2006 EMS was integrated into the Quality Management System.

I&C Energo environmental policy is a part of the Integrated Management System Policy. It specifies basic requirements of I&C Energo for environmental protection including:

Environmental friendliness
All company activities are carried out with consideration for the environment and its sustainable development, and are constantly checked in an attempt to minimise impact on the environment.

Respect for legal and other valid environmental protection regulations

Raising the environmental awareness of employees and business partners
The company strengthens employee environmental awareness and creates conditions for environmentally friendly behaviour; it promotes this attitude and requires the same from its suppliers.

Health and Safety Management System – Health and Safety (BOZP)

The Health and Safety Management System, which fully adheres to all legal and other requirements, including employee safety and working conditions, is an integral part of the Integrated Management System. At the beginning of 2009 the Health and Safety Management System was successfully certified according to requirements of ČSN OHSAS 18001:2008 and it became a part of the Integrated Management System.

Health and Safety Policy is included in the Integrated Management System Policy and specifies basic commitments of the company to health and safety at work:

To give health and safety the same priority as economic, operating and other company policy
All company activities are carried out considering employee and public health protection, environmental protection, protection of property and are constantly examined in terms of their impact on employee and public health with the objective of their minimisation.

To respect legal and generally valid Health and Safety regulations

To strengthen employee and supplier awareness in the area of health protection and to encourage them to improve Health and Safety standards

Capital Projects

Comprehensive projects, delivery and management of subcontracts for the building and engineering units in the area of industrial automation electrical systems - heavy current and light current equipment and technical building operation.

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Power Production Optimization

Delivery of comprehensive solutions for automated control and optimisation of technological processes and asset management.

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Maintenance services in the area of automated control system for technological processes and electrical equipment for industrial application, maintenance of systems for technical protection of buildings, measuring of emissions and metrology services.

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