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    I&C Energo Group is represented by branches in 15 locations in the Czech Republic and one organizational unit in Slovakia

    Recent news

    Competitive tendering victory

    13. 4. 2017

    I & C Energo a.s. has won a competitive tender issued by ČEZ, a. s. for a supplier to the project called "ETU-K0369-System of optimization and validation of data" in the Tušimice power plant.
    The purpose of the work is to optimize the operation of all four units in the Tušimice power plant, to increase the efficiency of the plant, to reduce variable and fixed costs, to increase the credibility of measurements, early detection of failures of the equipment and possible diagnosis.
    The order will be implemented in the form of a turnkey operation, includes two-year operational support as well as implementation of the system for supervision, diagnosis and optimization called PowerOPTI developed by I & C Energo.

    Victory in the competitive tendering for optimization of the Temelín NPP heating system

    24. 3. 2017

    I & C Energo a.s. has won the competitive tendering for optimization of the Temelín NPP heating system and the prevention of overheating and insufficient heating of buildings.
    The subject of work is the replacement of the I° circulation pumps by pumps with a frequency converter, disassembling of the II° circulation pumps including related technologies, installation of balancing valves on the heating water distributors and their setting and commissioning. The work includes the processing of the project documentation and other technical documentation. Then implementation of all the disassembling and assembling works to the necessary extent, supplies of material and components and testing.

    I&C Energo a.s.

    Leading supplier of comprehensive services in the area of command and control, industrial information systems and electrical systems with a strong history in the nuclear power sector.

    Capital Projects

    Comprehensive projects, delivery and management of subcontracts for the building and engineering units in the area of industrial automation electrical systems - heavy current and light current equipment and technical building operation.

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    Power Production Optimization

    Delivery of comprehensive solutions for automated control and optimisation of technological processes and asset management.

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    Maintenance services in the area of automated control system for technological processes and electrical equipment for industrial application, maintenance of systems for technical protection of buildings, measuring of emissions and metrology services.

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