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    I&C Energo Group is represented by branches in 15 locations in the Czech Republic and one organizational unit in Slovakia

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    I&C Energo a.s. and EPH Group develop synergy effects

    27. 1. 2017

    On 19 - 20 January 2017 there was an initial presentation of I&C Energo for the German company LEAG (Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG and Energie Lausitz Kraftwerke AG - formerly Vattenfall) in their headquarters in Cottbus, Brandenburg. LEAG representatives were acquainted with the portfolio of activities of I&C Energo a.s. In the consequent discussion areas of cooperation were sought, which should result in implemented projects this year.

    Reconstruction of HVAC on radioactive waste treatment facility

    27. 1 2017

    I & C Energo a.s. won the tender launched by ČEZ, a.s. for the selection of a supplier for the event "Reconstruction of HVAC on the radioactive waste treatment facility" in the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant.
    The purpose of the work is to remove the existing imperfections and ensure more uptime of the HVAC systems on the radioactive waste treatment facility that is to replace the existing HVAC units with new ones. The order will be implemented as a turnkey delivery in the Dukovany NPP, including the processing of comprehensive documentation. The project implementation means to replace supply air-conditioning units including their accessories. At the same time it includes the performance of all necessary adjustments to the affected systems of the electrical equipment, delivery of a new control system and building structures, including ensuring all deliveries related to the implementation of the work. The aim of the reconstruction is to ensure the parameters of supplied air (temperature, volume, humidity) in the individual rooms of the radioactive waste treatment facility in accordance with Government Regulation no. 361/2007 Coll.

    I&C Energo a.s.

    Leading supplier of comprehensive services in the area of command and control, industrial information systems and electrical systems with a strong history in the nuclear power sector.

    Capital Projects

    Comprehensive projects, delivery and management of subcontracts for the building and engineering units in the area of industrial automation electrical systems - heavy current and light current equipment and technical building operation.

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    Power Production Optimization

    Delivery of comprehensive solutions for automated control and optimisation of technological processes and asset management.

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    Maintenance services in the area of automated control system for technological processes and electrical equipment for industrial application, maintenance of systems for technical protection of buildings, measuring of emissions and metrology services.

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